Keep On Keeping On

Keep on keeping on, because really, what choice do we have?

If we’re on duty and we’re called, we respond. No matter where, no matter what to, no matter when and no matter who called us. Whether you love us, hate us, support us or fight us, if you call us, we will be there. Always.

This week has been hideous. I can almost guarantee that when the headlines broke out that a serving officer had been arrested, every other Cop felt a punch to the stomach. That is a headline nobody wants to read; least of all those who work alongside them, who’ve taken the same oath as them, who do the same job as them. That’s tough to process.

Sarah Everard was 33 years old. She didn’t deserve to die. She does however, deserve to be remembered.

The fact that her memory is being tarnished by protests, politics and public hatred towards the Police is not what she deserves. It isn’t want her family and friends want to see, and it isn’t the point.

Last night should never have turned into disorder, but it wasn’t the Police who caused it. It was the Police who responded to it.

The bigger picture is that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. We are still in lockdown, mass gatherings are still against the law. Last night wasn’t cancelled because of a lack of support from Police, it was cancelled because of everything else that came before it and everything we are still having to deal with.

Police Officers are human too, and I have no doubt that last night was incredibly difficult for my colleagues to deal with. It wasn’t meant to be a protest. It wasn’t meant to be a campaign. It wasn’t meant to be anti-Police. It was meant to be a vigil to pay respects to a lady who had been killed. It turned into the opposite, and that’s desperately sad to see.

The actions of one person do not represent the actions of everybody; Cop or otherwise. It’s easy to judge everybody as a whole because of the uniform they wear, but there is a person underneath each and every one of them. A person with a family, with feelings, just trying to do their job, in some of the hardest times we’ve seen.

We will go to work tomorrow and keep doing our job. Keep keeping you safe. Keep serving our communities, because that is what we signed up to do. We know it’ll be a little tougher, and the hatred a little stronger, but we will keep on keeping on, for you, because it is what we do.

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