“I live at work and visit my house sometimes”

As I sit here writing this post, I have just finished my 12th day of my 14 day stretch, having had one rest day 9 days ago.

Knackered doesn’t cover it.

Sometimes with this job, we sacrifice a lot. We miss our home, we don’t see our friends, we cancel our plans and we mainly function on caffeine.

I am currently into week two of a Crown Court trial. Having owned this incident since the day it happened back in September 2018, it seems slightly strange that within a matter of days it will all be over.

If I mention the victim’s name at work everyone on my team knows about it.

I know this case inside out, arguably better than I know my own life sometimes!

I have spoken to the victim and their mother every week for the last seven months.

I have gained the trust of a victim who was so terrified of being hurt again that they wouldn’t tell me the truth intially.

And I have spent the last two weeks supporting the victim and their mother through arguably the toughest two weeks yet.

Long hours, far too many early shifts (!) and a lot of coffee appears to be a good setup for now.

Hearing the defendants give their version of events. Being called a liar. Hearing them not tell the truth as we believe it to be. Listening to the barristers go over and over every little tiny detail about what happened. Watching the Jury’s reaction as they watch and listen to the evidence.

It’s emotionally exhausting. It’s sometimes impossible to listen to the detail being repeated, denied, twisted and distorted.

Seven months of supporting my victim.

Seven months of bloody hard work to get the best evidence.

Seven months of arguments with CPS.

Seven months of chasing medical evidence.

Seven months of blood, sweat and tears. I just hope for my victim we get the right result.

I really, really do.

One thought on ““I live at work and visit my house sometimes””

  1. I really hope after everything the victim & their family have been through & also yourself & your colleagues you get a guilty verdict & the bad guys get a decent stretch in prison. I will keep everything crossed for you


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