Killing Knives

Within not very long of being in the job, crime, life, death and everything in between become normal.

The “shock factor” isn’t there anymore. Things become routine, they become normal, they become repetitive. It’s not the “first” of any job. It’s the 543rd domestic, the 98th missing person and the 743rd report of a drunken buffoon.

That said, there’s some jobs that no matter how many you go to, no matter how many you investigate, no matter how many you get results on, still bother you.

Everybody is different. I expect no two Police Officers have exactly the same reasoning behind why something bothers them, but I’m fairly confident none of us can say nothing does.  We are human beneath the uniform. We have thoughts and feelings. We are not robots.

For me, it’s the knife crime.  Daily stabbings, daily murders, daily violence. Somehow society now believes that the norm is to carry a knife/blade/screwdriver or any other remotely sharp object in order to inflict a world of pain on an often innocent victim.

It isn’t a case of which day will there be a stabbing anymore, it’s a case of when in each & every shift.  In the last week alone we averaged a stabbing a day.  A person in hospital as a result of every, single one.  People in custody for some of them. People outstanding for the others.  Devastated families, victims of callous attacks.  People who have gone from minding their own business one minute, to being wired up to hospital machines the next.

In the current climate it would appear that you only need to look at somebody the wrong way to warrant getting stabbed.  It is scarily, and quickly, becoming normal.  It’s a crime that shouldn’t ever be normal, because it’s not. There’s nothing right about wielding machetes and knives in public. About inflicting the highest level of harm on innocent members of the public. About not caring about anybody else.

There’s no real deterrent anymore though.  There aren’t enough of us to deal with the crime when it happens, let alone prevent it happening in the first place. Ambulance are just as stretched, the sentences at Court are often laughable.

How is anybody expected to help stop this? The reality is, I don’t think we can, and that’s terrifying.

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