And that was 2018…

As the year draws to a close, it seemed only appropriate to try and somehow sum up the past 12 months.

In both my personal and my professional life, this year has seen some enormous changes. From a wedding and a house move, to a change in Force and department, it sure has been a busy year!

The thought of leaving the team, the role & the Force I knew terrified me. Walking into the unknown, being the newbie and honestly being totally clueless was really not the most appealing of situations. We really are creatures of habit. However as they say, often the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.  Fast forward nearly six months now, and I am happy to report I have zero regrets!

Settled in my role, (nearly) knowing what I’m doing, and having a far better home life. Being home every night and not having to drive a 250 mile round trip each set has certainly made the world of difference to me!

As I write this, I realise it isn’t as easy to summarise my year as I thought! Having spent the first half of the year on response, going from job to job, contending with night shifts, dealing with scene guards and getting in fights, it is hard to remember specific jobs off the top of my head.

I remember the jobs I have had since working in Investigations far more easily.  Blood, sweat and (literally) tears go into some of our investigations, they take over our lives and there are a lot of hours put in to trying to get a result.

Since being on the team since July I have charged people with a range of offences, from Theft to False Imprisonment, Burglary to Wounding, Drugs Offences to Robbery. Hopefully when these cases go to Court in the coming months I can give you some updates and some good results.

Remanding the most dangerous offenders, getting charges for the most violent offences, protecting the most vulnerable people. That’s why we do our job, and being able to do that on a daily basis really is rewarding.

To those working over the next few days, be safe. To those of you at home, have fun! To all of you, thank you for your support, and have a Happy New Year x


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