Is it Christmas?

It really doesn’t feel like it’s Christmas in two days.

I get asked ‘are you ready for Christmas?’ Well..I think so. There’s been no build up because I’ve been working, my husband has been working, and we are working over Christmas.

I hear “I’m so excited” too, but for the 27th, when we get to have our Christmas Day.

Work is busier than usual. People are more drunk. More violent and apparently all round more stupid.

The cells are full, the staff are knackered, and the jobs keep coming.

All that said, we make the most of it. I’m so lucky to have an amazing shift, we are a proper little strange family.

We have been having a “Mince Pie-off” which has not been good for our waistlines, but fun all the same! I think the big reveal of which shop has the best Mince Pies is tomorrow…

We have laughed so hard we have cried, and given each other the motivation to plough on through.

Thank God for a good team & good Sergeants, those guys really do make it so much easier.

To all of you with your families over the next few days, have a really Happy Christmas x

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