A Weary Week…

It’s been a really, really long week. It’s the time of year where there’s Christmas parties, lots of alcohol, lots of annual leave, and a much higher demand.

In one week, within just my team, over just six days, the phrases “the wheel has well and truly fallen off”, “you’re all duty today because there’s too many prisoners” and “there’s been a shit load handed over” have been fairly common.

A police officer was hit by a car.

A victim of a serious assault went missing because they can’t cope with what they’ve gone through.

There were more prisoners than officers.

Someone has a fractured skull as the result of an assault.

Someone has been stabbed twice.

Someone nearly lost their eye in an attack.

There was more than one violent disorder with multiple prisoners.

There was more than one dirty protest in custody.

There was a 0430 start for a warrant.

There was more than one late finish.

Somebody thought it was okay to be racially abusive, it’s not.

Somebody got remanded for a serious assault.

Multiple are now on bail for stalking, public order and assault offences.

In just six days, with just one team.

Whilst you’re out and about, having a drink and enjoying time with your friends and family, please do it sensibly.  You don’t want to end up with a criminal record as the result of having one too many beers.

Be festive, not foolish.

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