Cops need Cops

There is so much bad press every day about the Police, the lack of Police and the failure of Policing.

Every department is under-staffed and over-worked.  Every department thinks another department is better off.  Every department does something that pisses off another one, unintentionally.

Response moan that investigation teams NFA their jobs.  Investigation teams moan that response handovers are rubbish.  Custody moan that people aren’t being dealt with quickly enough and are still in custody.  Response cops moan that Custody take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to book somebody into custody. Investigation teams moan because they’re late off again because CPS are taking an age to make a decision.

But actually, would any of those departments be able to do their job without the others? No.

Without custody there’s nowhere to put the prisoners.

Without response there’s nobody to arrest those prisoners in the first place.

Without investigations there’s no chance of getting people to Court.

We all moan, I think it’s in the job description, but we all secretly know that we couldn’t do the job without each other.

It was on one of my recent late shifts that I was thinking about this.  I requested the 999 call for a job I was dealing with.  A horrible job.  An even more horrible 999 call.

And I thought for a minute, could I be a call taker? Could I listen to those distressing, literal cries for help day in day out?  No, I don’t think I could.

Thank god we have people who can.  Without them, the public and the Police would be stuffed.

I’ve been on response, and I’ve moaned about the Investigation team binning a job that I genuinely thought had potential for a decent outcome.

I’m now on investigations, moaning about response.  It’s not fair really.  We are all so over-worked we can only do our best.  And it’s really easy to be the 9am jury slagging off the people who did the job before we started work.

We moan about rubbish handovers.  Maybe they’re “rubbish” because the Cop writing it was called straight out to another 999 call, and was then late off and remembered they hadn’t finished it.

We moan about jobs being NFA’d that we’ve worked really hard on.  More than likely it’s CPS making that decision, and we shoot the messenger in Investigations instead.

We moan that Custody are taking flipping ages to seemingly do anything, but maybe that’s because the female on the next wing is trying to tie her tights round her neck.

We all moan I think, as a way to cope.  We are struggling, frustrated and tired, and it’s easy to shout about something.

But at the end of the day, no matter what role we are in, what job we do, or what City we Police, we know we can’t do our job without each other, it’s just a shame that we don’t vocalise that more sometimes.

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