Political Whiplash

Not five minutes ago were Politicians and the media stating that Stop & Search incites racism, and shouldn’t be used.

Fast forward five minutes, and Politicians and the Media are telling Police to use Stop & Search to help tackle knife crime.

I stand by the fact that I believe Stop & Search to be one of the most effective tools we have.  Yes it may be a bit embarrassing, and yes people will stop and stare because apparently that’s what we do these days…. but if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to lose.

If you don’t want to be searched, if you kick up a stink, the chances are you’re probably in possession of something you shouldn’t be.  Don’t forget, we actually need grounds to conduct a Stop & Search, we can’t just pick on people. (Contrary to what the media would let you believe.)

It’s effective.

It prevents crime.

Every knife off the street is another life likely saved.

Every bit of intelligence obtained helps us build the bigger picture.

But do you know what would really help?

If we could actually do our job.  Stop & Search is part of our job.  If you are a businessman we don’t take away your computer keyboard.  If you’re a Doctor we don’t take away your defibrillator. If you’re a fireman we don’t take away your hose.  If you’re a taxi driver we don’t take away your steering wheel.

So why should we have Stop & Search taken away from us?  Stop using it to make fake and juicy headlines and to aid Political agendas and start letting us do our job, do what we are trained to do, and try to tackle the surge in violent crime.

To the year June 2018, ONS stated there has been:

  1. A continued rise in the number of Police recorded offences involving knives or sharp instruments (up 12% excluding Greater Manchester Police)
  2. The number of admissions to Hospital in England and Wales for assaults involving a sharp instrument has increased.
  3. The number of homicides increased following a long-term decline (up 14% excluding terror attacks)
  4. A 22% increase in Police recorded offences of Robbery

Stop & Search ultimately helps saves lives. So let us use it.

2 thoughts on “Political Whiplash”

  1. With respect, I’m not talking specifically about knife crime & although I’m VERY pro good-policing, with long-term experience of being WRONGLY suspected/accused of breaking certain laws I feel it is extremely naive of any officer to say that if someone/anyone has nothing to hide then that person should ‘shut up & put up’ with being publicly humiliated basically. Upper case is used for skim readers & to emphasise some key words not a show of anger or to be awkward nor confrontational. It has repeatedly been PROVEN that the Police databases are OVER-LOADED with damaging ‘inaccuracies’. Inaccuracies of any kind/level can & do ruin people’s lives. It’s a painful fact of life. Mud sticks even when there is NO justifiable reason to ‘throw mud’ at a DECENT person in the first place. Obviously, it’s different if an actual criminal is involved but too often the person oppressed/suppressed is not a criminal. Also, too often actual criminals get off SCOTT-FREE…I wish a Police person would explain ti me why that is, seriously. Have you no idea just how distressing & stressful it is to be stopped & searched by intimidating Officers who are strong & powerful. Employees representing the Law being SO heavy-handed. No wonder people become INDIGNANT. Being verbally or physically restrained is ALARMING which affects any person’s heart rate, sugar level & blood pressure IMMEDIATELY. Pressure applied by restraining for ANY reason WILL automatically change any persons behaviour…their voice, their actions, their response will WITHOUT DOUBT cause even more force to be used. It’s a very damaging situation for ALL concerned including the also inevitably INDIGNANT copper. Thin blue line? It’s all just a thin line…as in inaction, response & SUITABLE action. Phew, please don’t suit the messenger. Stay safe doing your dangerous but appreciated job Officer JustACop999.


    1. Appreciate your comments. Reference people getting off “scott free” that is something the Courts have to answer. Many times Police work so hard to get charges authorised and get a job to Court, and it is the punishment at Court that is not sufficient (in my opinion). If Police take no further action it is because there is not enough evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.
      Reference stop and search – Police do not physically restrain everybody. Police restrain those who are resisting or trying to run off. I appreciate it can be embarrassing to be stop & searched but I stand by what I said – if you are an innocent member of the public, and you do as asked, there will be no physical restraint, there will be no fight, and there will be nothing found. Police are only heavy handed when required to be.
      Hope that helps to clarify.


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