Treading Water…

There are more Cops to help with the rise in violent crime. Are there bollocks! Loosely translated, that means there’s more Cops who have had their shifts extended, rest days cancelled, and annual leave refused, in order to try and cope with demand. There aren’t more Cops. Let’s not forget that all too recent comment that there’s no direct trend between the rise in violent crime and the reduction in Police numbers…

There’s not enough of us to do our normal shifts, let alone cover all the added extras like festivals, political leader visits, football matches and Christmas demand. If I work one of those duties it means I’m taken off my usual duties. Which means someone has a rest day cancelled to back fill. It’s not sustainable like this, it really, really isn’t.

I have an £80,000 fraud to investigate. It’s taken a total back seat because I’ve also got six Section 18 Wounding with Intent’s to investigate, one of which is already going to Court & the CPS are being needy. It’s rubbish. That poor fraud victim hasn’t had any contact from me in a few weeks, I have no updates, I’ve not interviewed the suspect, it would actually be totally fair to say I’m failing them.

We have to prioritise. We priotise based on risk, threat & harm. Jobs lower down that list have to wait. Which is good in theory but it would appear we keep getting high risk jobs, so the list keeps growing, and the low risk ones never get a look in.

Prioritisation is right, but it shouldn’t be to the extreme that it is. It shouldn’t mean we fail victims to the extent that we do, and it shouldn’t mean we forget about jobs until they turn red on our task list and we have an “oh shit” moment.

I have over 15 separate investigations, plus those that I acquire after I’ve interviewed people in custody, plus those that get linked to a job I already have. There quite literally aren’t enough hours in the day. I believe there’s over 100 crimes in our team inbox that haven’t even been allocated out for investigation because we all have so many already.

But it’s ok, because there’s more Cops coming….! Negative press. Untruthful press. Misleading headlines. All far too familiar.

We know our job has challenges. We knew that when we joined. But we shouldn’t be pushed to breaking point. We shouldn’t be working late more often than not in order to just about keep on top of it.

We get very good at treading water that’s for sure. Our head’s are just above drowning level. Just.

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