This is slightly different to my usual posts about not enough resources, being knackered, and not knowing quite how we are going to carry on doing our job with the lack of support, resources and funding we currently have.

This post is about us as heroes.  Never have I come away from a fireworks display feeling overwhelmed.  Well, never until last night.  I’m a cop, my husband is ex-military and a paramedic, and we both came away super impressed.

The theme was heroes.  The Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Teachers, Grandparents, Sports heroes, Superheroes, brothers & sisters. I guess in some way, everybody has a hero, and that hero can be anybody.

I won’t lie, it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to hear Emergency Services being branded as heroes, rather than the usual Daily Fail headlines. The display was opened by the Royal British Legion, and the Last Post played.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 100 years since the end of the War.  It really was incredible throughout.

To try and be a little positive on a Sunday, I guess it is important to realise the good we do, the way we help, and the fact that in the view of some, we are a kind of hero.

We help save lives.

We find your missing children.

We lock up the people who have hurt you most.

We stay with you at your time of need.

We hold your hand if you’re scared.

We run towards the danger when everybody else runs away.

Even though sometimes we’re frightened, we try not to let it show, we do our job anyway.

We learn to expect the unexpected.

We get hurt along the way.

No matter just how crap our day has been, if you’re the next person to need us, we will be there.

In the words of Coldplay – “Hercules and his gifts, Spiderman’s control, And Batman with his fists, And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list”.


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