There’s a lot of tired faces…

As I walk around at work, I see a lot of tired faces.

In the office.

In custody.

In the changing room.

In the corridors.

In the toilets.

In the kitchen.

The faces of “I’m going to be late off again”.

The faces of “CPS still haven’t phoned me back”.

The faces of “My to do list isn’t getting any smaller”.

The faces of “Another one on constants”.

We know that it doesn’t matter which role we have or what department we work in, we are knackered, it’s just a shame others don’t see that.

In the toilets last week someone was splashing their face with water in a hope it’ll freshen them up.

Yesterday I got shouted out down the phone for passing an update on an investigation I have nothing to do with. Never met the person at the end of the phone. Never assisted on the investigation. Never read the crime report before. But it was my fault that I didn’t give them the update they wanted.

I also took a 3 hour long statement for a GBH.

I have 7 IPs for the same job.

I have no confirmed suspects.

I have another GBH in Court today.

I have crime reports I haven’t read yet because I just don’t have enough hours in the day.

I’ll have more work by the end of tonight as I’ll have dealt with another prisoner.

Its relentless.

Those on response, they’ll go job to job tonight without a break. They won’t have dinner at dinner time. They’ll put their lives on the frontline for everybody else’s safety.

Those in custody, they’ll probably have 40 in the cells tonight where I work, that is 40 people to look after, risk assess, document, charge or NFA.

Those in the control room will be inundated. They’ll prioritise the calls, and no doubt get told they’re wrong when we don’t get somewhere fast enough. They’ll hear abuse, trauma and crisis on those calls.

And after all that, we will all go home, at some point tonight, knackered. There will be a lot of tired faces. Tired from the shift, tired because we’ve been run off our feet, tired because we can’t catch a break.

But that’s just a day in the life of a Cop.

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