Shift Work….The ups and downs

I love shift work, I feel like I get more time off where I can do stuff then when I used to work Monday-Friday.  That said, sometimes I hate it, I feel like I miss a lot of things as a result of it.

Why I love it:

  1. Every 9 days, only 3 of them require getting up to an alarm
  2. I can go to the bank, and the post office, when they’re open! (how exciting)
  3. I get quite a lot of mornings to myself, where I can catch up on tv I missed the night before, go to the gym, and have some me time.
  4. It’s a brilliant excuse to get out of things – “sorry I’m working lates….!”
  5. I really value those rest days that fall on a whole weekend.
  6. I don’t need to justify answering the door in my pyjamas when everyone else is up & ready for the day.
  7. When you’re sat in the office on the hottest day of the year, I’m sat in the garden getting a tan.

Why I hate it:

  1. I miss a lot of family events, I’m either working a whole weekend or at least half of it.
  2. Planning is an actual pain in the arse. “I am off for a whole Saturday in 11 weeks time”
  3. My husband works shifts, we have just realised throughout the whole of December, we only have two rest days together. And no, it doesn’t fall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  4. There’s a high chance I’m off late. If I get “one of those jobs” 1500hrs is no longer home time.
  5. Somehow, as I’m going to bed, it’s dustbin day, relaying the road day and time to cut the garden hedge!
  6. My efficient pre-late shift plans never happen.
  7. “What are your bank holiday weekend plans?”  Yep I’m working…

Don’t get me wrong, I love it more than I hate it, and I knew when I joined that shift work comes with it’s difficulties. I’ve had some of the biggest laughs with my shift family, I’ve also suffered some of my biggest lows with them.  But there’s a famous saying, “it’s all just part of the job”, and at 0500hrs tomorrow morning, I’ll be up ready to go again!


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