Those jobs you can’t forget about…

We go to countless jobs everyday, and we go home without thinking twice.

But sometimes we go home and the job comes with us.

Sometimes we keep thinking about it and can’t switch off. And before we know it, we are back at work again.

Maybe it was our first death message, ruining somebody’s world with a few short words.

Maybe it was our first fatal, trying and failing to save somebody’s life.

Maybe it was our first hanging, having no idea how to get them down.

Or maybe it was a rewarding and memorable moment in our career.

Maybe it was our first arrest, our first job that got to Court, reuniting a missing child with their parents, catching a prolific offender, safeguarding somebody from a domestic incident. It’s not all bad, and it’s important we remember that.

In the last two days, I have worked three shifts. I was six and a half hours late off my day shift, and an hour late off my late shift, but we got to the bottom of one of the most horrendous assaults I’ve seen.

When I wasn’t at work, I was thinking about the job at home. A job hasn’t bothered me as much as this one for a long time.

But last night, on the phone to CPS, hearing that they authorised all 3 suspects to be charged with false imprisonment & S18 wounding with intent, I could have hugged them!

Sometimes, those jobs you can’t forget about, those jobs you bring home after work, are worth working your butt off for.

We started work two days ago with no evidence, no suspects and no lines of enquiry. We finished last night with 3 suspects arrested and charged. I call that a result!

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