We are always there, somewhere.

It’s no big fat juicy secret that there aren’t enough cops.

The media is negative because we were “too late” or “Didn’t to enough”.

The public are negative because we “let them down” or “Didn’t catch the baddie”.

I’ve said it before. We know we are late sometimes and we know we have let you down.

But really, what else can we do. When we haven’t got the resources to deal with the stabbings, shootings and robberies, there’s no way we have the resources for the shoplifts and attempt burglaries.

We try to manage expectation all the time, but it’s so hard. I was dealing with an attempt burglary recently. Nothing stolen, no forensics, no witnesses. The owner provided me with 4 cd’s worth of CCTV. 12 cameras. A piece of paper for each camera with a minute by minute summary of the footage.

It showed nothing. Well, it showed the side of a car 4 hours before the incident, and it showed two men walking down the road half an hour afterwards. So what? It proves nothing. It shows nothing. Another disappointed member of the public.

We have to prioritise. Some things take priority. If everything is a priority, then nothing is.

Knife crime is on the up. Violent crime is on the up. Surprised? No. Shocked? No. Stating the obvious? Yes.

During my last set, 5 juveniles were in for knifepoint car jackings. Children. I don’t really know how we got to this point, and no it’s not just down to a lack of Police numbers, but it doesn’t help!

If you don’t see us walking the street, we are somewhere, dealing with something. Sadly, the days of seeing cops everywhere are long gone.

But just remember, when you’re making the comments below, we are thinking these replies…

1. Have a good weekend!

AKA – I’ll try to enjoy my early shifts

2. Can’t wait to go out tonight!

AKA – Please don’t be stupid, we will have to pick up the pieces

3. I have ten days leave over Christmas

AKA – I could probably squeeze a roast in between night shifts and sleep

4. I got my summer holiday booked.

AKA – We have just had to submit our leave for 18 months time. As if we know what the hell we are doing then.

Just because you don’t see us doesn’t mean we aren’t there. We are always out there, somewhere, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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