Cautious about change

Nobody likes change, not really. We are creatures of habit, we like to know what we are doing, why and who with. When somebody mutters the word “change” it is met by everybody feeling uneasy.

Why? Change for the better? Will it actually work? Will we go full circle and land back where we are now?

A new boss, a new crew mate, a new setup in our office, for me – a new Police Force.

Never have I been so anxious. I loved my shift. I loved where I worked. I loved what I did. And it was all about to change.

Recently, I have moved 150 miles away from where I worked, lived and grew up. It was all done for the right reasons – recently married, my partner’s job, the cost of living, the shitty commute every week off the back of nights.

But actually doing it terrified me. Don’t get me wrong, now it’s done I couldn’t be happier, but the thought of it was somewhat daunting.

I was leaving everybody and everything I knew. I had no idea what I would walk in to, what my boss would be like, what my shift would be like, I knew nothing. I was the newbie all over again.

Thankfully, my worries were proven wrong within about 4 seconds and my new team and boss are just fab!

I always thought, I would rather move departments than move forces. However, I have been talking to an old colleague over the last few days and it made me think.

He’s just moved location, but within the same force. His worries and concerns were exactly the same as mine. I think, no matter how big or small a move may seem, to that person, it’s massive, and it’s change, and we are cautious about that.

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