17 years on…

Today I saw a rather disturbing headline – that since 2010, there are now 44,000 fewer Police Officers and staff.

I know there are less of us, I know we are struggling, but when you read it as a headline, it’s massive.  One thousand is a massive number, but forty four thousand…it’s almost incomprehensible.

And it comes at a time where violent crime is on the up, gangs are getting bigger, firearms are becoming as normal as knives, and we just can’t catch a break.  The job is getting so much harder in so many ways, yet the number of us doing the job is so much fewer.

The other headline I saw today, was disturbing for a whole other reason.  Today marks 17 years since 9/11.  I can’t believe how long ago it was.  I’m sure I am not alone in saying that I can remember exactly what I was doing that day.

For me, I was walking home from school with my brother, and when we got home, our Mum sat us down and told us that our Dad, who was in the Military, was not coming home just yet, and that he wouldn’t be home for Christmas either. For two children, that was devastating.  I spent the rest of that day sat watching the news, not really understanding what I was hearing. Why would somebody do that?

Every year I re-live that memory, and I am just so thankful that he came home, unlike so many others.

Since 9/11 there have been so many more terror attacks, so much war, so much death, so many more lives lost & ruined.  But there have also been those plots that were disrupted, those plans that were foiled, those terrorists apprehended before seeing their ideas through.

The Police, and all other emergency services & armed forces, are dealing with terror one way or another, on some level, every day.  And when we are, we are dealing with it with 44,000 less of us.


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