Mobile Phones

We all have mobile phones. We all use them everyday. But sometimes they aren’t used for the right reasons. Sometimes it would appear that the urge to post on Social Media clouds people’s judgement of what’s right and wrong, what’s important and what isn’t.

What isn’t important, is texting a mate whilst driving. Also, holding your phone on speakerphone is not the definition of hands-free.

Is anything important enough to risk not only your life, but somebody else’s? What if you just quickly send a text but end up hitting somebody you didn’t see because your eyes weren’t on the road, they were on your phone? What if that person dies and you end up arrested for causing death by dangerous driving? Guaranteed that text you were sending at the time would appear insignificant now.

I stopped a car once because the driver was texting. She had two children in the car. She then told me that she was involved in a car crash a while ago and the driver at fault was on their phone. Ever feel like there’s no helping people?!

My other massive bug bear is when we are trying to deal with incidents, the number of mobile phones that appear. Public filming because it looks interesting, exciting, or would be fun to put on Facebook.

Those people don’t stop to think. Police, Ambulance and Fire are emergency services. If there’s numerous vehicles in one place, the chances are it’s because there’s a major incident. If all 3 services are in one place it’s really gone a bit wrong.

But it’s ok, because we can film the ‘drama’ and post a video on Facebook.

I was the first police officer on scene not that long ago to one of those ‘dramas’ that looked exciting. There were already countless ambulances and fire engines on scene.

I closed the road to let us do our job. I got told it was annoying and ‘I just need to get over there’. Well sorry but you can wait or go the long way round.

I watched Fire and Ambulance bring a 26 year old man out of a building on a stretcher because it wasn’t safe to be inside. We began working on him in the street.

And the crowds appeared, along with the phones. Who stopped to think that it is somebody’s son, brother, grandson? None of those filming.

Fire put their imaginary middle finger up at everyone and erected a screen so nobody could see. I smiled.

That man died that day. He killed himself. When it was in the news the following morning I hope those video-crazed people felt suitably shit.

Just stop and take a minute. Yes we all have phones. Yes we all post on Social Media. But just think about what it is that you’re filming on Snapchat, would you want it filmed if it involved your family? Or would you want some privacy at arguably one of the worst times of your life?

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