The day our feet didn’t touch the ground…

It must have been only a week or two after my first fatal (see previous blog post) when I was on a night shift. We start our nights at 2200hrs, but start rolling in about quarter to so we are ready to go.

As I was getting my radio and gas, I heard them trying to deploy lates to an injured deer. Rather than them going and being late off, me and one of my colleagues went instead.

We called up to say we were jumping in together, and off we flew. Hadn’t even had a cuppa yet – bit rude!

We both grabbed our high-vis coats on the way out, because “We’ll be straight back, it’s only a deer”. Well, famous bloody last words!

We got to the deer, called a dispatcher, and waited. Control Room called and told us that there was “what is going to become a fatal” just round the corner, and that one of us was to stay, and one of us was to go.

Well nobody wants to volunteer for a fatal, but likewise, nobody wants to stitch their crewmate. Mine left me with the nearly dead deer, and volunteered to go to the fatal. He knew I struggled with my last one. I’m grateful for this.

Obviously this all happened within about 3 seconds, and in that time we both realised we had no kit with us, apart from our high-vis! Crap!

As soon as I was done with the deer job, I hitched a lift with some PCSOs up to the fatal. It was like an extremely bad de-ja-vu. Car v pedestrian, again.

I still had no kit. We took the family home afterwards to complete some enquiries and paperwork (minus any of the forms). From here we REALLY needed to get back to the nick to get our kit. And a cuppa. And just to have five minutes.

But no. It must have been a full moon that night, because somehow, we were the closest and only free unit, to an ongoing domestic. We were 35 minutes away. Off we went….still with no kit! Colleagues from a neighbouring city came to help and thankfully offered to do the statements (they had their laptops with them!) and off we went to Custody. 30 miles away.

Done there and we REALLY REALLY need to get back to the nick. But no. We were the closest and only free unit to an ongoing domestic. 28 miles away. Off we went…still with no kit!! Colleagues freed up from another job and came to meet us. I borrowed their laptop and they went to nick the bloke on suspicion of GBH.

Eventually, we got back to the nick. It was 5am. We had 2 hours to go, and had been out since before we were meant to start that night!

No meal break, no wee break, no kit, no time to process the trauma we had been to, no time for a cup of tea. Barely time for any chit chat with my crewmate!

We have busy days. But rarely do we get that spanked with jobs. We weren’t even Policing our own city for the majority of the night…talk about the wheel falling off.

We slept well that day, that’s for sure.

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