My Tutor was better than yours!

When you first start on shift, you get tutored.  For ten weeks, every single shift, you are crewed with you tutor.

Maths has never been my strong point, but working a 40 hour week, 10 times, is a lot of hours in one person’s company!

Well thank god I got on with mine.  That’s a lot of hours to be crewed with somebody who you don’t get on with, or don’t have anything in common with!

A tutor is your biggest support when you start on a shift.  You’re the newbie, you know nothing, you know nobody.  You don’t know where the toilet is, let alone how to write a statement.  There are more acronyms than letters in the alphabet, and you have no idea what they mean.

Your tutor is there when you make your first arrest, complete your first statement, book in your first prisoner, complete your first interview, receive your first complaint, get in your first fight, have your first (and second) disagreement with your boss, struggle through your first night shift, get your first job binned by Investigations, make your first (and second, third & countless more) mistake, find your first dead body, but most importantly, they are your first friend, and mine was the best.

I will forever be thankful for the amount of stupid questions of mine he answered, for the amount of support he gave me, and the amount of time he spent listening to me when I was struggling.  I owe my career so far to him and his patience.

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