Meet the bobbie behind the blog…


Before I start, I best let you know that I’m brand new to blogging. It’s something I have thought about for what seems like forever, but just keep putting off!

However, as you’ll learn if you read my future posts, a recent new change in my life has made me seize the day so to speak, and I thought “oh why the hell not?” So here goes!

I’m a serving Police Officer. I have done my job for less than three years. Sometimes it feels like I’ve done it forever, and others I feel so far out of my depth it feels like I’m drowning.

For me, there are two reasons that I want to write this blog. Firstly, as an honest outlet for myself. How I feel, what I’ve dealt with, what went wrong (and right!), but secondly to show you (if anyone has read this far) the other side to policing. The side that the media don’t write about. The side that isn’t public knowledge. The thoughts, the feelings, the tears and all other emotions behind “just doing the job”.

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