My First Day…

Do we get called Probationers anymore? Student Officer? Probie? Newbie?  Depends where you are, who you talk to, and what they fancy to call you on the day!

Never bothered me.  I knew I was new, I knew I was in my probationary period, and I knew when I joined, that this was a two year long process.  Call me what you like, I’ll probably answer to it!

After a loooong 16 week course at a Police Training Centre, I was free to fly the nest! I was a Special Constable prior to joining up, which I thought would stand me in good stead, but my god, how different is it doing the job every day!?

I was going to work in a place I hadn’t even visited before, to a shift of strangers, and I had this horrible feeling that I would be expected to be competent already.  Thankfully I was wrong!

Before I started, I went to meet my shift.  I walked in, having remembered the three different door codes, and asked for my tutor.  “Oh he’s on his way back from a shooting, he will be here soon.”  Well, shit.  If that wasn’t a reality slap around the face I don’t know what is.  In those very few seconds, what I had just joined up to do became very real. This would be me. I would be going to those jobs.  The biggest question in my head was “and what on earth would I do if I got sent to that?” Well, it really is amazing how fast you learn.

My first “actual” day couldn’t have been better.  I got on with everyone on my shift, they all wanted to help me, everyone was friendly, and I got on with my tutor!  It’s a bit of a blur, I don’t remember what jobs we went to, but I remember going home that night, feeling content.  I did it.  My first day, often the hardest, was done, and I survived!

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